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Stockton Auction Service
Established 1980

A complete auction service with more than 1000 auctions behind us. They have given us an unbelievable amount of knowledge of which we can use to provide a good experience in the auction service for you.
We have all the necessary equipment to make your auction successful such as tables, wagons, trailers, loader tractor, portable corrals, power washer, extra help when needed. We are flexible. We do what it takes! 
We will be providing a competative service from the first day through your auction day. We take pride in our sale bills and your auction will be reflected in all the right places although the internet is new to us we will commit 100% to provide this service to also give your auction the best possible chance for success.     
We have a good following of auction goers. We also feel very confident in farm and outdoor construction sales as this is what Roger was born into and active with every day. However, hundreds of household and estate sales prove we are very respected in the area.